Services Pricing

Automation Services Starting from
Amazon Automated Repricer $60.00
Prep Services Standard Sized Units

Oversized Units

General Processing & Handling $0.45 cents $0.55 cents
Individual Product Labeling $0.20 cents
Amazon-Compliant Poly Bags $0.50 cents $1.00 cents
Insert Placement $0.15 cents $0.15 cents
Bundling $0.50 cents
Replacement Packaging Service $1.00 cents $1.50 cents
Individual Product Sorting $0.10 cents
Amazon Removal Orders $0.55 cents
Duty Fee Invoice Payments $35.00
Forward Only Services $4.50 per carton
Modified Forward Only Services $7.50 per carton
LTL Pallet & Prep $25.00 per pallet
3rd Party Sales Channel Support Starting from
We offer a range of 3rd party sales channel support services to fit your specific needs.  $60.00